Introduce the classification and use of commonly used conductive rods
Release time:2023-06-05
1. The use of the conductive rod: the conductive rod is used to connect the lead wire of the transformer coil with the outer wire, and is installed on the top of the transformer
2. Classification of conductive rods: Material classification of conductive rods: Conductive rods can be divided into brass conductive rods and copper conductive rods according to their materials. Use classification of conductive rods: Conductive rods are divided into high-voltage conductive rods and low-voltage conductive rods according to their uses.
3. Model of conductive rod: brass, red copper low voltage conductive rod model
4. The conductive rod products produced by Yuyao Transformer Parts Factory are: M12 non-metallic alloy transformer high voltage guide rod, M12 high voltage guide rod, M12X215 low voltage guide rod, M20 high voltage guide rod, M30X313 oil-immersed transformer conductive rod, M42X661 low voltage conductive rod, oil-immersed transformer low voltage guide rod a, b, c, o type, box transformer conductive rod 200KVA-20, single-phase transformer oil-immersed high and low voltage guide rod, 1KV 4000A guide rod, 2000-31500 KVA high voltage guide rod, 1-3KC 1000A-3150A (Chunghwa Power) low voltage guide rod, etc.